Judge Park Eng

Unlike the Small Claims cases discussed on this site that I brought against spammers and telemarketers, the case that I brought which was heard by Judge Park Eng involved a personal matter, so I'm not going to post all the details. However, I'm posting a page about almost every judge I've appeared before, so that this site represents a fair sample of what someone might expect in Small Claims court, the good and the bad.

Even though I lost the one case that he heard, and however much I disagreed with his ruling, I thought he was polite to all parties in all of the cases that he heard, and always asked questions of people before drawing a conclusion, to make sure he understood the arguments that they were making. At one point I think he was in the middle of stating his conclusion about a case, when he said something that was clearly incorrect and one of the parties interrupted him as politely as possible to point that out, and after Judge Eng discussed it with them carefully to be clear about what he had misunderstood, he actually changed his position. This is far different from how most judges would have handled the interruption, such as yelling at the plaintiff or dropping him through a trap-door in the floor.