Order dismissing Taxpayers for R-51 suit

On June 25th 2003, the King County Superior Court mailed me a schedule (below) for the appeal of my case against Taxpayers for R-51. The schedule said that I had until July 11th to submit a brief arguing my position in the case (i.e. the schedule says "a working copy must be sent to the judge at least 14 days before the Date for Court Decision listed above", and the date listed was July 25th).

So I had my brief all ready on July 1st, but then on July 2nd I received a notice in the mail (below), dated July 1st, that the judge had dismissed the case, even though the deadline for submitting a brief was still 10 days away. When I called the judge's office, his clerk said that he closed the case early so he could go on vacation.

The case schedule:

The order dismissing the case: