Below is the response I received from the Frank V. Lasalata campaign when I e-mailed them to ask about the foreclosure not being listed on Judge Lasalata's financial disclosure statement:

Thank you for your email of October 19, 2006.
Mr. Pope has a history of making personal attacks against his opponents in the 9 times he has unsuccessfully run for elected office in the last decade.
In all his unsuccessful campaigns for public office Mr. Pope makes these personal attacks in an attempt to divert the publics attention away from the true issues in the campaign, specifically the fact that MR. Pope is rated "NOT QUALIFIED" to hold public office and in this race both the King County Bar Association and the Municipal League of King County has again found Mr. Pope "NOT QUALIFIED "to serve the people of King County as a District Court judge (  AND
The King County Bar Association (KCBA) Board of Trustees has also indicated that
 "The KCBA Board of Trustees has become aware of court orders imposing or referencing sanctions against Richard Pope and one referral to the Washington State Bar Association for unprofessional conduct which the Board believes may bear on his fitness to be a judge."
Mr. LaSalata is rated "WELL QUALIFIED" by both the King County Bar Association and the Joint Asia Bar Association.  The Municipal League of King County rates Mr. LaSalata "VERY GOOD" and he has received the endorsement of numerous former and current judges including all of the Northeast Division King County judges as well as AFSCME Local 21-DC the union representing Court Clerks and probation Officers who work in King County District Court and the Washington State Troopers Association, the union representing the law enforcement officers who appear on a regular basis before judge pro-tem LaSalata in King County District Court.
The Citizens for Frank LaSalata encourage you to visit our website and see for yourself how Mr. LaSalata is by far the most well qualified candidate for the position of King County District Court Judge in Position #2 of the Northeast Electoral District.